MBRWizard helps resolve many types of MBR problems that commonly occur to Windows and Linux machines, and offers features to repair, restore, and protect your MBR. Starting with MBRWizard 3.0, we added a simple graphical interface (GUI) version, to further simplify managing and repairing your MBR. You also find a bootable media ISO included with the product, helping you boot machines that are otherwise unable to boot to get your machine up and running ASAP!

Originally designed to help solve common Master Boot Record (MBR) issues, MBRWizard has evolved into much more than just a simple MBR utility. Most PC users don't realize that the MBR contains one of the most vital pieces of data on the disk, the partition layout. How much would you lose if the MBR on your disk became corrupt? Can you afford to lose your pictures, music and videos, financial information, reports, and all of the other important files on your disk.

Announcing:  MBRWizard 4.1 available for download!

Come check out the new graphical (GUI) version of MBRWizard, now with Cloud backup! Designed to further simplify MBR management, you will also find updated freeware command line (CLI) versions of MBRWizard, with a streamlined parameter list and improved functionality.

Visit the New MBRWizard Site for details.

In a nutshell, MBRWizard helps protect, manage, and recover the Master Boot Record on your internal, usb, flash, and other disks, keeping your data safe by maintaining the vital information required to boot your computer and access the data on the drives. Read below to find out more about what MBRWizard can do for you!

Soon after the intial release of MBRWizard, we were bombarded with requests to repair the MBR and other disk corruption due to boot sector viruses and other malware. Fortunately, MBRWizard was prepared to take on this task, and has been called upon countless times to solve these, as well as many other Master Boot Record problems!

Disk Imaging
In addition to repairing corrupt Master Boot Records, MBRWizard is also frequently utilized to repair problems caused by disk imaging products such as Symantec Ghost or Acronis Backup & Recovery. However, due to the improved functionality and flexibility of MBRWizard, it has also become a popular utility for creating bootable Windows 7 and Windows 8 USB flash drives.

Dual Boot
Last but not least, MBRWizard provides functionality to help solve most issues caused by experimenting with Linux or dual boot scenarios, as well as providing assistance with repairing MBR partition entries after recovering a disk image or virus strike.

Disaster Recovery
Hopefully you found us before disaster strikes, in which case MBRWizard can help you safeguard your system and hard drive configuration by capturing a backup of the MBR before problems arise. However, if you reached us due to current problems with your system, make sure you check our Examples and Common Problems pages to assist in identifying any problems and possible solutions.

Feature Overview
The following is a quick overview of the functionality offered by MBRWizard. Make sure you check out the Reference page for detailed examples on using specific features.

MBR Operations Partition Operations Additional
Save or Backup MBR Delete Partitions Securely wipe disk
Restore MBR from backup Hide/Unhide Partitions Boot Menu: Select bootable partition
Wipe MBR Set Bootable/Active Partition Read/write a persistent Status byte
Fix or repair corrupt MBR Change Partition Type Create ini file with disk and MBR info
Create a new MBR   Shutdown/Reboot the machine
Create/update the disk signature    
Sort partition table    
Save/Copy/Restore Sectors    
Delete existing MBR      

Take a look around. You can check out commonly sought after functionality offered by MBRWizard on the Support page, grab the software for testing under Downloads, or follow the additional links in the Support section to learn more about the Master Boot Record or troubleshoot specific problems. Regardless of the problem you are trying to solve, MBRWizard is here to help.